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To Rest is to Abide

What is the answer to all the stress and anxiety in our life?

To abide. Abide in Jesus. We are called to believe and abide to experience freedom. What sets us free from anxiety, fear and worry is not what we do, how much we read the Word, or even from being a nice person. What sets us free is believing and receiving the love which the father has completely given us, and resting in it. Abiding in it.

This doesn't mean doing nothing and waiting for God to do everything, but rather, abiding in what is, and working form a place of rest, knowing that your Father God holds you.

I am totally convinced that our anxiety and stress would greatly decrease, and our hearts and minds would become fully alive if we learn to live our daily lives from a place of restful believing that we are loved by God.

John 15:9 "As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you, abide in My love."

To rest is to abide, and it's not easy. It's simple but not easy. I've been on this journe…
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What Does Patient Trust Look Like?

Psalm 4:4
"Be angry and do not sin.
Mediate within your heart
on your bed, and be still...
And put your trust in the Lord."

What a struggle it is to wait.

With all the technology and fast- paced things in this world, I believe we are becoming more impatient each and every day. And I think we are are aware of this, but don't know how to stop it. Or rather, how to stop ourselves from going so fast in daily life. And we wonder, what is the answer to it all?

Scott and I have been on an interesting journey the past few months. It's one we didn't really expect to play out the way that it is. We put our house on the market the first week of October after going under contract with a town home in our desired location and price range. We've had some financial struggles this year and knew that it was time to downsize and acquire a lower mortgage payment. So, we pursued a new opportunity. Soon enough, a town home came on the market in our price range, so we jumped on it …

"Exceeding Abundantly Above All"

Today I managed my third state-wide Fight For Air Climb race event in downtown Nashville in less than 2 years. There are really no words to explain the achievement, joy (and exhaustion) I feel right now. It was a total success- beyond a success! And I still can't quite process it. Process how God can be so good to create something so amazing and joyful in this town. 
See, as much as I struggle with anxiety and frustration in this life, God never ceases to bless me. Never. He never stops. Literally, every single day I see His blessings. And it's overwhelming. Sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a way I can't quite understand. Our fundraising goal for this event was $75,000, which is a number we have never met or exceeded. As a matter of fact, we've never even come close. I figured we could get close to 50k or maybe even 60k, but didn't imagine we would hit 75k. But God had different plans. 
In the last 24 hours, so many donations have come in for the American Lu…

Be and Receive

A leaf. It's such a simple piece of nature, yet astounding in many ways. Have you ever actually looked intricately at the form of a leaf? It strongly resembles that of a tree. There is a small vine rooted from the stem that is in the center, and then mini vines form off branching out to form the shape of the leaf. A simple leaf.

I've never taken the time to notice leaves until recently. Really, not until I was searching for something to observe, rather, something to meditate on. See, when your life is so crammed pack full of things going on with work, family, school and ministry, it's hard to find that time to sit and be still. It's hard to even imagine taking time to look at a simple leaf. But the freeing beauty that has erupted from this moment in nature has changed my life drastically.

I've always been the type of gal that has lots of things going on. Example: coordinating events for work, coordinating events for ministry, trying to build relationships so I don&…


"Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God." - 1 John 3:21
Is confidence a value in your life?

As we believe in the free life given to us in Christ, we grow confident and trustworthy in Him. 

As we allow our hearts to rest in His presence that constantly surrounds us, we find ourselves motivated to be confident.

But, what about when we feel condemned and it derails our confidence?

I believe these times are allowed in our lives to drive us closer to God, so that we choose to abide in Him (1 John 2:28) and see His confidence transform our situation.

The Way To Receive

Receive. This has been my word for 2019. When I embarked on the journey to understand this word while sitting on an Alabama beach in early January, I had no idea that what Jesus would reveal would be so simple and astounding.

For far too long, I've believed that the simple life should be easy. That's not the truth. Where do we ever see easy as being the definition of simple? Acquiring the 'simple life' is harder than you think. Far too much of this world is complicated. The simple truth that God has called me to receive the freeing life He has given without doing anything in return has never fully made sense to me. In fact, I've never been so keen to receive anything in my life without feeling like I needed to reciprocate in return. However, over the past few months Jesus has been showing me some interesting things. And it's gone more so against the grain of what I would expect.

Recently, I had a startling revelation. To receive is to believe in love. God'…

The Struggle of Summer Sabbath

Oh, the struggle of summer sabbath...and the beauty of restlessly learning to be still. Anyone else there, too? The struggle is real. And He seems to lead me into this against-the-grain-of-my-driven-mindset-path, all too often.

But, God is showing me a new thing this season. That it's not about me, and sometimes you just need to be in what is. None of this life truly is about us. But praise Him for His grace, because up until just recently, I thought it was mostly about me, and Him just holding it together for me to do what needed to get done.

He does hold it all together. But it's still not about me.

I'm in a strange, dry-ish season of life. I'm not utterly hopeless, but I'm not extremely panic-y either. I'm merely just anxious to feel alive. Because in my mind, when I don't feel it, It's not the right way. Or not the right time. Or just not right. That's how I've lived most of my life. And when I try to go the other way and shut off my feelin…